“Prince Chess” Teaches Go at Sun Village

The Children’s lives at Sun Village in Beijing get enriched this summer when a big brother, Michael Sun came to teach Go, a fascinating Chinese chess. Michael Sun, Children called him “Prince Go” came to Sun Village at end of July and spent a whole week here and teach them how to play Go every day. Michael loves Go himself and he wanted to share his passion with the Children. He is very patient, always encouraging, and trying to make his class fun. “I hope the Children here enjoy and love playing Go. Go is not only a fun game to play, it can also improve their intelligence,make them more resilience, dare to play and dare to win!

It is one of the hottest weeks in Beijing; Michael came to Sun Village, bringing with him teaching board, 12 sets of chess stones and many books about Go as gifts to the Children. Michael started his Go class when he was 6 years old. Now he is China’s Rank 2 national athlete on Chess. He was awarded the 1st place of Junior’s Online Chess Competition in Beijing and the 5th Place in China. Michael is studying at a high school at Boston in US now and got 2nd place of Go Tournament in Massachusetts in 2013.

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