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Visitors are always welcome and appreciated! If you want to visit us with a big group, please call in advance. We will open our restaurant for you and provide a guide, who will give you a tour of Sunvillage. However, if you are by yourself or visiting with a small group, it is advised to come to us during weekends. During weekends we hold a market, where you can buy our homegrown fruits and vegetables, as well as flowers and trinkets, that our children made. Furthermore you can come to our restaurant and get a taste of the delicious organic food, that our cooks prepared.

We are already looking forward to meet you in person!

Directions to Sunvillage:

Name: Sunvillage (太阳村 – TaiYangCun)

Address: Banqiao Village, Zhaoquanying Town, Shunyi District, Beijing

Address in Chinese: 北京市顺义区赵全营镇板桥村

Interactive Map:

(In case it is not working, use Google Maps and search for “TaiYangCun” and you will find us)

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Reach us by Public Transportation:

First, go to Houshayu Subway Station (Subway Line No. 15). The easiest way to reach us from there, is by taking a taxi. If you take Exit C, you will find many taxi drivers that are already waiting for you. If you dont speak Chinese, you can show the driver the Chinese name of our organization “太阳村” or a printed version of the map. A fair price for the ride is around 40-60RMB. The ride will take around 25 minutes (see route pictured in map above).