Charity Garden

We know it’s best to strive for independence, not only for our kids, but also for our organisation. With this in mind, we initiated our Charity Garden projects.

These projects represent a sustainable way for donors to support us and our children, by sponsoring vegetable and fruit farms. Our children often help with planting and maintaing these trees, which plays an important role in their education. By growing their own food, they learn a sense of responsibility and independence and also understand the value of honest work.

On this website, we want to give you the opportunity to sponsor our most popular tree, the Jujube (Chinese Date) tree. However, we grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as peaches, strawberries and many more. If you are interested in sponsoring something else than a date tree or want to sponsor a big amount of trees, please get in touch with us personally!

Sponsor a Tree: Jujube (Chinese Date)

  • Sponsors are allowed to keep the entire crop of their trees and harvest it themselves!
  • Sunvillage will be responsible of planting and growing the trees.
  • Average yearly production is 5kg dates per tree per year.
  • We notify our sponsors when the fruits are ripe and ready to be harvested. This is usually around the end of September.
  • If harvesting causes any inconvenience to the sponsors, Sunvillage will try its best to deliver the fruits to them.
  • We will hang a sign with the name of the sponsor on each sponsored tree. If more than 100 trees are sponsored, Sunvillage will place a 60×40 sign in front of the orchard.
  • One date tree costs 150RMB per year. That equals around $25 or 18€.


  • If we get your permission, we are happy to use the crop from the sponsored trees to feed our children. The excess will be sold, with the funds going directly to our children’s benefit.

Sponsor by PayPal or Credit Card:

Yearly Donations:
You can sponsor the tree using PayPal or a Credit Card. Please select how many trees you want to sponsor. The price is calculated in US-Dollars, however, you are able to pay in any currency. If you decide to terminate your sponsorship, you can of course cancel it through PayPal at any time. You can also make General Donations with flexible amounts here.

Total sponsorship per year: 25 (Currency: USD)

Sponsor by Foreign Bank Transfer:

Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Bank Address: Wanchai CTC
Bank Code: 004
Account Number: 640002929838
Beneficiary Address: Units C & D, 9/F., Neich Tower, 128 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

If donors pay by foreign bank transfer, we would appreciate if they would email us their address, postal code, contact number and the remittance note number. Please you the contact form we provide on this homepage.  Write down the intended purpose of sponsorship (e.g. general donations, tree sponsor, child sponsor) so we can make according arrangements and issue a donation receipt to you. Thank you very much for supporting us!