When considering giving money for charity, we all ask ourselves the same question: Is this organisation managing their donations well? Is there maybe another organisation, who will use it in a better way? These are really tough questions. On this page, we want to show you what we do, so that you can judge for yourself.

Commercial companies can measure their success in profits. But what about an organisation like Sunvillage, that is dedicated to improving the world? Some people think its best to look how much money from each donation goes directly to children, and how much is spend on administrational activities. Although we only spend around 10% of our donations on administration, we believe this is the wrong approach. Spending money is not what we are proud of. You can spend a lot of money directly to the good cause, but still make bad use of that money and don’t help anybody. However, we think we should be measured on exactly that: How much are we helping?

Thats why what we are most proud of, are our children. After they arrive at Sunvillage, we see how they learn to laugh again and how to be happy again. We watch them growing up and learning the value of work and how to take responsibility. Finally, we see how they find jobs or proceed to study at university. They go on to lead a happy life. This is how we measure our success. This is what makes us proud. This is where we can see that we are making a difference. And we are so grateful towards everybody who supports us, because you are enabling us to keep doing what we are doing.

Here are some of our past achievements, that have been possible thanks to our supporters:

  • Under the umbrella of Sunvillage Beijing, 8 additional Sunvillages have been created the last decade in China (see here: Link)
  • Currently more than 500 children spend their lives in Sunvillage Beijing and its spin-offs.
  • More than 5,000 children of convicts who live with their relatives, receive financial support from us

Future donations will be used to maintain our current success and to help even more children:

  • Daily expenses of children (Food, medicine, …)
  • Education (School and university fees, job training, …)
  • Visiting and calling parents in prison
  • Increasing the capacity of our facilities, so more children can live with us
  • To grow our own vegetable and fruits farms, so we can be less dependent on donations in the future

You can support our cause by donating directly to us or by sponsoring a child or tree.

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Sponsor a Child

Make a flexible General Donation by PayPal or Credit Card:

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Please consider making an automatic monthly donation! You can of course cancel it through paypal at any time.

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Make a General Donation by Foreign Bank Transfer:

Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Bank Address: Wanchai CTC
Bank Code: 004
Account Number: 640002929838
Beneficiary Address: Units C & D, 9/F., Neich Tower, 128 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

If donors pay by foreign bank transfer, we would appreciate if they would email us their address, postal code, contact number and the remittance note number. Please you the contact form we provide on this homepage.  Write down the intended purpose of sponsorship (e.g. general donations, tree sponsor, child sponsor) so we can make according arrangements and issue a donation receipt to you. Thank you very much for supporting us!